Partnership established to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of Hardware/Software HPC environments (Parallel and distributed computing in its different paradigms) for research, industrial, societal and commercial applications.

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The SPACI consortium (Southern Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructures) was established in 2004 between the University of Lecce, the University of Calabria, Hewlett-Packard and the SPACI Srl.


The idea was born from the Consorzio participation of some members of his namesake project, funded under PON research project 2000-2006 Notice 68/2002

The purpose of the consortium is to develop advanced skills and technologies to support all areas (research, industry and trade) that address the current challenges of science and technology.

In particular, the mission of the SPACI Consortium is to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of HPC (Clusters, Grids, Clouds) for research, industrial, societal and commercial applications.


This mission is pursued by providing advice in developing of applications in HPC environments in its various forms (Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, GPU).

The current areas of competence of the consortium include:

  • Parallel algorithms development for several application fields (i.e. medical imaging, film restoration, video compression, data and satellite images processing)
  • Computational simulation for air-water quality modeling and  weather forecasting
  • Computational simulation of fluido-dynamics processes in the chemical engineering field.
  • Articulated Motion graphics
  • Inverse problems applied to many research field (i.e. medicine, astronomy, ...)
  • Data analysis, middleware and scientific gateways.


The Consortium also over the years has included a more powerful distributed computing infrastructure in southern Italy through the conclusion of several agreements with other research organizations.