Partnership established to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of Hardware/Software HPC environments (Parallel and distributed computing in its different paradigms) for research, industrial, societal and commercial applications.

Business Experiments in GRID

Funded by: European Union

Duration: 24 Months - from: 1 June 2006 to: 30 May 2008

General objectives:

BEinGRID, Business Experiments in GRID, was the European Union’s largest integrated project funded by the Information Society Technologies (IST) research, part of the EU’s sixth research Framework Programme (FP6).

Activity :

  • To understand the requirements for Grid use in the commercial environment, involving software vendors, IT integrators, service providers and end-users.
  • To enable and validate the adoption of Grid technologies by business.
  • To design and build a Grid toolset repository with components and solutions based on the main Grid software distributions including: the Globus Toolkit, gLite, Unicore, Gria and basic Web Service specifications.
  • To develop and deploy a critical mass of Grid-enabled pilots, embracing a broad spectrum of economic sectors with different needs and requirements in terms of technological Grid challenges.

The BEinGrid Consortium is structured in two groups: the Core Team Members and the Business Experiments Partners.

SPACI Activity:

SPACI Consortium is part of usiness Experiments group.

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