Partnership established to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of Hardware/Software HPC environments (Parallel and distributed computing in its different paradigms) for research, industrial, societal and commercial applications.

Fowhe srl develops multi-disciplinary projects and systems for both geographic information (GIS) and Remote Sensing satellite data transmission by means of RLAN technologies, offering also advisory services as well as design and construction of hardware and software to archiving and updating of geographic data aimed to plan the design, the management and the monitoring of the territory.


One of the main prerogatives of Fowhe is to represent a bridge between the world of research and industry development, starting from the results of high-tech research centers, and operational software solutions able to meet the specific needs of users .

Fowhe and the SPACI Consortium entered into a framework agreement in order to:

  • Promote the work of innovation and research in the use of space sensors and signal processing and image for the planetary and Earth observation;

  • Maintain a high cultural level of business operators including through contacts and collaborations with research facilities;

  • Promote the development of specific topics for research that best meet the needs of the implementation programs also to encourage joint participation in the various stages of research calls and national and international consortia;

  • Encourage the exchange of knowledge for a  constant updating, in particular through research on "Theoretical & Computational Activities - GRID" for space applications.