Partnership established to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of Hardware/Software HPC environments (Parallel and distributed computing in its different paradigms) for research, industrial, societal and commercial applications.

The International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education

Funded by: European Union

Duration: 27 Months - from: 1 March 2006 to: 20 February 2008

General scope:

The ICEAGE project aims to encourage and support the incorporation of education in distributed computing in academic courses throughout the ERA (European Research Area). Building on EGEE, ICEAGE will enable students and educators to obtain and develop Grid Education via sustained, large-scale, multi-purpose e-Infrastructures. ICEAGE differs from EGEE in that its primary goals are educational and therefore embraces a wide variety of approaches to e-Infrastructure.

In order to meet this aim ICEAGE has developed a number of strands:

  1. Organising and supporting Summer Schools in appropriate topics (ISSGC)
  2. Providing an open repository of relevant teaching materials (Digital Library)
  3. Providing online support services for educators
  4. Developing and supporting teaching infrastructures which demonstrate the available distributed computing infrastructures (t-Infrastructure)
  5. Driving the development of international policies to help support education in distributed computing (Forum).

SPACI Activity:

In particular SPACI consortium was involved in organizing The International Summer School on Grid Computing 2006 (school web site:


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