Partnership established to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of Hardware/Software HPC environments (Parallel and distributed computing in its different paradigms) for research, industrial, societal and commercial applications.


SPACI (Society for Applications of Scientific Computing and Computational Science) is a society founded on 2004 to be the operative arm of SPACI Consortium.

Young people (graduates and PhD) with high qualification in HPC (parallel and distributed computing) operate here collaborating with researchers from universities and different research centers.

Computer simulation allows to investigate complex systems and phenomena that are too expensive or impossible to be replicated in laboratories. The demand for high detail levels and short response times in computer simulations requires very powerful computational resources, both hardware and software i.e. it requires High Performance Computing (HPC). This gives great impulse to HPC research and development activities, which in turn allow to tackle problems of increasing complexity.

In this contex, SPACI primary aims are:

  • anaysis and development of HPC methodologies and software tools, focusing on mathematical software and its applications to relevant scientific areas;

  • analysis and evaluation of hardware and software advanced environments for large-scale applications.

In particular, SPACI  offers its expertise in the development of:

  • Numerical methods, algorithms and software to be used as building blocks in the solution of applied problems on HPC systems;

  • Parallel algorithms for several application fields;
  • High end computing solutions and scientific gateways;
  • Middleware and security services.

SPACI mission is the development of experiences and skills transferring towards the solution of large scale and challenging research problems in different areas.