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Progettazione Immersiva


Funded by: MIUR-FIRB

Duration : 36 months - from: 18/07/2007 to: 18/07/2010

Scientific referee: Monica Bordegoni

General objectives:

The project aims to develop products and technologies for immersive design, and a platform for distributed collaborative design in multi-sensory environment. Objective of the project is to conduct basic research on methodologies, techniques and technologies for the development of the system design, immersive and scalable platform, collaborative, multi-sensory.

The aim is to study, implement and validate an innovative design environment where the simulation of virtual product achieves a high level of realism with physics-based techniques, and users can interact in a more realistic and natural with the virtual product thanks a multi-sensory immersive environment. The environment allows the user to perceive the virtual prototype through immersive stereoscopic systems and to interact physically with the same through the use of haptic systems. Most users will cooperate in developing a product through a distributed environment. Will be possible to make the virtual prototype for analysis and validation and use simultaneously and integrate the results into the design. The systems will be evaluated with case studies in the context of Automotive Design & Style.


  1. Methodologies
    Referee: PoliMI
  2. Integrated system specifications
    Referee: SPACI
  3. haptic interfaces
    Referee: PoliMI
  4. Testing environment
    : think3


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